More than just rest and relaxation.

Shiloh’s is a centrally located, cozy and homey Guesthouse and Conference Center on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao. One of the meanings of the word ‘Shiloh’ is ‘house of tranquility’ and that is just what Shiloh’s wants to offer to all its guests and visitors.

Shiloh’s is spacious and free-standing and is surrounded by a walled garden. It features several areas where you can kick back and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation, including a pool and lounge area. But, not only that! Shiloh’s offers much more!

What distinguishes Shiloh’s Guesthouse & Conference Center from other facilities on the island is that Shiloh’s is the only guesthouse that offers you the opportunity to participate in all the activities offered by the trainers and staff of our conference center.

While enjoying our beautiful island and the activities it has to offer, such as swimming, shopping, hiking and sightseeing (just to name a few), you can also choose to attend any of the (ongoing) activities at our conference center. These activities include conferences, trainings, coaching sessions, meditation, dance workshops, and other social and recreational activities such as massages, pedicures, tours and trips. All our activities are geared towards helping you get a taste of what it feels like to develop yourself, emotionally, physically and spiritually, thus creating new ways to re-shape or influence your life in positive ways.

Over time we at Shiloh’s have come to realize that many guests are not only seeking rest and a change of environment, but also a revival of their soul and spirit. Taking part in our activities in a leisurely manner provides just the right balance between a vacation and a retreat. So whether you are looking for relaxation, restoration and/or transformation, Shiloh´s is the place for you! A B&B with a twist!


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